Erasmus Lessons

In this section you will learn the dos and don'ts of going on Erasmus to the Czech Republic. This page will be updated throughout the year as we learn more about the land of the Czechs.  

  1. It's Czech Republic, not Czechoslovakia. Unless, of course, you're referring to the time when Czech Republic and Slovakia were a single country. 
  2. Beer in Czech Republic is drank like water: it is perfectly socially acceptable to drink beer on the streets at any time of the day, and beer should be drank on every occasion and this shall not be questioned. 
  3. Alcohol in the Czech Republic is too cheap not to be drank: your liver is doomed here. 
  4. "Ano" doesn't mean "Ah! No?" it means "Yes" in Czech, don't get confused. 
  5. Kretek is the best Czech Cartoon of all times. Any excuse is good to watch an episode of Kretek. Kretek is cool, and there will be no debate about this. 
  6. The Czech currency is weak. 25 Kc = 1 euro, you will feel very rich carrying a 1000 Kc note, but in reality it isn't worth that much. 
  7. Even if you don't speak a word of Czech, you will always say "Dobry Den" wherever you go, or wave saying "Ahooooj!"  
  8. Life in the Czech Republic is cheaper than the EU average, but be careful : cheap does not mean saving money- it means spending more. 
  9. If you get random injuries, it's normal.
  10. The Czech climate is continental: it will get cold and you will be sick at some point. 
  11. If you're hosting a party: you can expect the doorbell to ring at about 1 am- it is not a guest arriving late - it is the police. 
  12. Charles University in Prague is not a Campus University- the different buildings are scattered around Prague, thus, you might have to take the metro for 20 mins to get to your next Class.
  13. Do not be surprise if certain parts of the university actually do not look like a university. 
  14. If you hate to share a room, love your comfort and are used to 5 stars hotels, do not go to Hostivar Student Residence.

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