Who We Are

 Hello Everyone! 

We're Jan and Helena the proud authors of "Czech Our Erasmus Out". On this page you will found out more about us and our blog. 

Jan is Polish raised in Luxembourg and studying Political Science and Geography at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, but most importantly: a devoted Legia supporter!

Helena is a complex mix of several nationalities. To keep it simple we'll just say that she's Irish-Polish raised in Brussels and is also studying Political Science and Geography at TCD.

We've met in Dublin when we started university: being both Polish, having both been raised in Benelux, having both gone to a European School and studying the same course we were bound to become close friends. For our third year we decided to go on a exchange to Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. 

"Czech Our Erasmus Out" is a blog about our year in Prague, which is an experience that we want to share with our friends and family. But also with anyone that went on, or anyone who is currently on, or anyone who is thinking about going on an exchange/Erasmus; anyone who likes to travel and get to know new places and anyone who wants to find out more about the Czech Republic!

Do not hesitate to leave your comments, reactions or questions!Feedback is always welcomed! And if you like our blog don't hesitate to share our blog with your friends, and follow us!    

Hope that you enjoy reading us! 

Jan and Helena. 

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