Friday, 11 October 2013

It's a Small Step For Mankind but a Giant Leap For Jan

Thomas Friedskind, Thomas Friedskind, Thomas Friedskind (there you go Thomas, you are mentioned in the blog).

The last few weeks were quite…intensive; hence I did not update the blog on regular basis. Except for the obvious intensity of consuming a very wide range of spirituous beverages the last days were marked by the intensity with which I, together with two other individuals coming from the country, which loves wine, baguettes and waving white flags were looking for a flat.

It took around two weeks and 200CZK (8 EUR) of credit to call different agencies and landlords to enquire about a flat. To make it easier, some of them would refuse to communicate in any other language than Czech or Slovak (Polish was already too much of a linguistic diversion for them). Nevertheless, we were a group of extremely motivated individuals and in the end we managed to find an apartment (aka. Szyszko Mansion) in Prague 2, fifteen minutes walking distance from the main street of the city. The view from my window is truly amazing. Except for three, 19th Century, state of the art houses I can also spot a chimney. The fact that there is white smoke coming out of it every now and then leaves me with two conclusions. The first thought that came into my mind was that the neighbours are pretending to be Vatican City and are testing the procedure in case a new Pope needs to be elected. The second thought I have to leave out as I promised myself I will be politically correct on this blog and would not dare to make any inappropriate chimney-Germany references. Never.

Staying in Hostivar for three weeks was a good life lesson. It is one of those experiences that teach you to appreciate the simple things in life. Those vary from enjoying water pressure in your shower higher than one drop a second to having access to an oven. If my written description does not fully reflect the civilizational leap forward I made by renting a flat, maybe Google street view will.


Szyszko Mansion:



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