Sunday, 3 November 2013

About Prague

Prague is by far the most beautiful city I have ever lived in (The others being: Brussels, Dublin and Warsaw).  When I had my first walk around the city I just could not believe how pretty it is. Before moving to the Czech capital I was told by several people that it is a very nice city, at the time I expected a wonderful main square and city centre restricted to a relatively small part of the city, and then the rest to be run-down and not so lovely. It went far beyond all my expectations. I was so surprised to realize that all the inner city, an area that I would estimate to be about 50 km² is absolutely gorgeous. It is has been over a month since I started living in Prague and I still find myself stopping to have a look around being truly amazed. Living in Prague feels like living in a museum, because every thing you look at seems to have a history to it. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how well preserved all the buildings are, how clean the street are and how magical the atmosphere of the city is. Whenever I walk across Charles Bridge I am always enchanted by the beauty of the view. These photos speak for themselves.

A view of Prague Castle from Charles Bridge

Eastern bank of the Vltava river

View on Prague from the Castle

One thing that I like to do whenever I go around the city is to spot details on buildings that I did not notice before. Many buildings in Prague have decorations on them or status or something particular like this one on Wenceslas square.  

Facade of a Building on Wenceslas Square

Another thing that I was really surprised about upon my arrival is the quality of the transport system. Prague has 3 metro lines that work well, many trams and buses and a good number of night trams, so at any time of the day or night it is easy to get around the city. And the cherry on the cake is that the prices are good as it cost less than the equivalent of 1 euro for a single trip and a 10 month student pass costs about 100 Euros for metro, tram and buses! The transport is never as crowded as it gets on the Luas in Dublin at rush time. I have noticed that its only foreigners that talk loudly on the transport system, the Czechs are really civilized as they are very quiet on the metro, they give their seats as soon as they see an elderly person coming in and everyone stands on the right side of the escalators making space on the left for people in a hurry to walk up the escalator. In terms of courtesy in the transports, the Czechs have really impressed me. 

Malostranska Metro Stop

And regarding the climate: It barely rains here, most of the time the weather is sunny, but the down side is that it can get really cold and that it gets dark at about 4-5pm. I can deal with this continental climate. 

How I love my new city!
Bye for now! 

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