Thursday, 28 November 2013

If Erasmus were a student, he’d probably be the best Student in the world

The Erasmus experience, in terms of meeting other students from all over Europe and the World, is an extraordinary one. In only 2 months I have not only met a lot of people and made new friends, but I have also met a number of people whom are from places from which I had never met someone from there before, such as Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Montenegro or Moldavia. Prague seems to be a hotspot of international student exchange, not only because there are many, many, many Erasmus students here, but also because there is a great number of foreign students that come to Prague to do their bachelor’s or master’s. All this youth forms a vast international student network and meet at various events. In some ways, this exchange reminds me of my European School experience: people speaking in several different languages before the class starts, people comparing their countries and having some friendly nationalistic rivalries, people trying to learn a pick-up line in a foreign language, people hang out with a very diverse group of people… And I feel very comfortable in this multi-cultural environment.

I really enjoy the fact that groups of friends here are not as clear-cut as in my home university.  I am pleasantly surprised that students, instead of just sticking to their small closed group of friends, are meeting new people and will try to make an effort to hang out with not only people that are from their home country. At most parties I have been to there were always a few people that I didn’t know, so there is always an opportunity to meet new people, and at the day of the day, it seems that Erasmus students form one huge group of friends. Erasmus students are on average quite out-going, even those that are more reserved open themselves up, and in general they are up for trying new things, going to new places and travelling. There is this kind of enthusiasm and open-mindedness among Erasmus students that I really appreciate and makes this experience priceless.    

I have not quite figured out yet whether Erasmus students are good at balancing work and partying or whether they just do not do that much studying, because they do party a lot. I am learning a lot of interesting things at university here, learning about topics that would never have the opportunity to learn about at my home university and I consider myself very lucky for that. However, I have notice that some of the most interesting things that I have learnt here is from other students. For example, while debating in politic class students from different countries will bring a new light on the matter, or will be explaining something about their home country that even the lecturer didn’t know about. What I find particularly interesting is when students from outside Europe express their views, making me aware of opinions that I knew before. This exchange of ideas among this international youth is stimulating and is broadening my way of thinking and awareness. This exchange is truly a unique life experience. Erasmus students might not be the most studious students but they are fun, open-minded, out-going and international and that’s why they are probably the best students in the world.       

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